Daddy Poses

Some more poses from a chapter of my (dead) story April Showers. *sniff*
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Above code pictures included in download

Mummy Poses

Just some poses I made for a chapter of my (dead)story April Showers. *sniff*
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Above code pictures included in download

Reaction Poses

Some reactions to fights or arguments.

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Above image with codes included in download
All kinda samey, I know.

Horrified by what he's seeing!


Confused by what he's seeing.

Contemplating what's happening or being said.



Playground Fight Pose Pack

Hi... So I just came back to the community, and I don't have my blender set up again yet (loads of bad stuffs happened, blah), but I came on this blog and I have 4 draft posts, so I'll go ahead and share them, cus why not?

I made these about a hundred million years ago. Finally setting them free.
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Attacker: c_gemly_fight_1a
Victim: c_gemly_fight_1b

Attacker: c_gemly_fight_2b
Victim: c_gemly_fight_2c

Attacker: c_gemly_fight_3b
Victim: c_gemly_fight_3a
Saviour: c_gemly_fight_3c

Attacker: c_gemly_fight_4a
Victim: c_gemly_fight_4b

I can only apologise for how much the numbering jumps around :| I don't know what I was thinking when I made them. There'll be more to follow, plus some reactions for the crowd that always forms around fights in the school playground.



Letter Poses

My friend ShakespearesSunshyne, or Sunny for short, made some super cool amazing useful letter and envelope accessories and objects. She hadn't made any poses to showcase them yet, so I decided to do it for her! 
You can download the accessories and objects here.

Sorry, they're a bit sad... I guess I find it easier to do sad things.

Anyway, enjoy!

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Pictures with codes included in download


Second Kisses pose pack

Happy St. Valentines day!

My present to you is six kissing poses. Three of them I made for my Mattell Legacy, and the other three were just random.
Prepare for pic-spam...
F= female, M=male

I made this one for the proposal chapter of the legacy.

This one is a mini-spoiler for the next chapter of my legacy... But not really, because you don't know the situation.

Where's number 4? Ah, well, I gifted it to a friend as it was a joint effort, and she has released it.
It (and some other great poses) can be found here. Thankyou, Sunny!

Another one for the next legacy chapter, I apologise for Winter's hair being in the way. I'll add another pic where you can see the faces when I have one.

I made this just because I wanted some kids poses to be released. I've been slacking a little recently on that front, although I do have quite a lot of kids poses waiting for me to stop being lazy.
c_gemly_kisses_6a - Kissee
c_gemly_kisses_6b - Kisser
Of course, these are gender-swappable with ease, but I think 'a' looks slightly more feminine.
And daymn. It's cute.

I made this one about a hundred billion years ago, but have never had a use for it. Maybe someone else will?
c_gemly_kisses_7a - Kissee
c_gemly_kisses_7b - Kisser

I had to. Once I saw how cute the kiddy one was, I had to make it for adults. His hand will clip into baggy trousers, sorry.

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Pictures with codes included in download



Proposal Poses

I made these poses for the long-awaited proposal in my Mattell Legacy. You can see them in use with all the added sop and goo here, and the showing off ring one can be found here.


I'm interested to see if anyone else will have a use for a female proposing to a male, so please link me if you do! Far too many women wait for their men to take the initiative, but my Kaity just so isn't like that.
He's kinda shocked/angry, and she's kinda nervous.


She's kinda surprised he joined her on the floor. He wasn't gunna let her get away with proposing. haha.


First kiss as fiance's <3


(Sorry for the random code-pic, I thought that angle showed it off better and didn't get one when I was shooting the scene)
Checkin' out that rock! And of course, Kaity is complimenting Winter's choice.


Showing the bestie. Maybe gloating a little.
As you can see, 5a can be used as a standalone if you wanted her to show the whole room in one go or something.

(Sorry for my awful graphics in some of these pictures. I thought about sharpening them, but didn't want to make the poses look better than they are. That's false advertising. So all pics on this blog continue to be unedited.)

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Pictures with codes included in download.